Digger Services

What to consider when hiring a digger

When completing a home project that requires a digger, it can be hard to know what information you need to know before you start.

Digger work can be stressful and take many hours, that’s why hiring a digger with an experienced operator can save you time, money and any mistakes.

So, before you hire a digger consider these things:

How big is your project?

Determining the scale of your project will help you understand how long the project will take and what machinery you need to complete it.

If you have a large piece of land that needs section clearing, digging or levelling, you may be looking at around 2-3 weeks of work, although if you have a small area, you would be looking at around 1 to 2 days work. It all depends on the project and the scale of land you are working with.

Likewise, the bigger projects need different machinery then the smaller projects, therefore, if you are looking for a digger with an operator for a small home project, we can help you out!

Locate your cables and pipeline

If you are digging trenches, holes or anything that could potently hit a pipeline or electrical cable you will need to ensure that the area you are digging in is free of any of these two things. If you are unsure about your property, you can go to beforeudig and enquire about where your cables are under your property. If this doesn’t give you all the information you need, you can always hire a professional cable and pipe locator to tell you. If you are hiring a digger for a building project, you can require where your cables and pipelines are from the Auckland council with your building consent.

Other obstacles you need to overcome

There are other surroundings you need to look at before you decide on what digger to hire. Look at the dimensions of your walkway and entrances to determine if the digger can fit through to the worksite.

Also, it is best if you look ahead weather wise when hiring a digger, as you don’t want the soil too wet or too dry.

If you think your property has some rough terrain, inform the digger hire service before they start, so they know which digger is best for your land.

If you are completing a small home project, whether its material laying or small demolitions, we provide the best digger services for the Auckland region. Our digger hire comes with an experienced digger operator and we can guide you through the process we are going to take to complete your job. Call us now on 0800 514 514 or email us on info@williamspropertyservices.co.nz for more information.