Digger Services

Section Clearing

Section clearing is one of our specialties – making short work of unsightly overgrown or junk littered sections or construction sites, and disposing of the waste for you.

We can clear and grade sections, removing all manner of organic and inorganic waste material. From trees, bamboo, hedges, overgrown yards and gardening waste, to household junk, demolition and construction debris, leftover fill.

At Digger Services Auckland we have a range of diggers and grading equipment, including tight access machines, and are available to discuss with you the best fit for your job.


Key Benefitsof Service

Whether it’s a case of overgrown garden, or construction debris, or junk left by messy tenants, we’ll clear and remove all manner of organic and inorganic rubbish. We can remove all waste from the site as we go, and transform your property, leaving it clear and tidy when we’ve finished.

Our team are respectful and professional, and will take care not to damage anything, only removing what you want gone. And we’ll do it efficiently and with a minimum of fuss!