Digger Services

Digger Clearing and Levelling for a Retaining Wall installation

We get many requests for a digger, so that people can complete home project, which is great and one of our most popular requests is to move soil and level an area so a fence or retaining wall can be installed.

Whether you have rubbish, clay soil, general soil, shrubs or anything else that needs clearing, we can do it for you so you can put up that fence or retaining wall.

Our digger comes with an experienced operator, and will arrive and do all the work for you, no need to spend your time hiring a digger and doing it yourself.

If it’s a small job, we can complete your work under two days, however if it’s a bigger job we will work hard to get it completed as fast as we can, while keeping up our high standard of work.

To book a in, contact us now with a few pictures of your job, with your name and number and what services you require to info@williamspropertyservices.co.nz

One of our friendly team members will give you a call to discuss your job.

Other services we provide:

Lawn removal and new lawn laying

Removing dirt/clay

Digging to prepare for landscaping

Stone laying or compost laying