Digger Services

Earth Moving

If you have large amounts of earth to be removed, relocated, or excavated, we have an experienced, expertly trained crew and the right machinery for your job.

Digger Services Auckland specialises in supplying professionally operated diggers and excavators for all earth moving jobs. We can provide the expertise, equipment and service to get this done at your convenience, efficiently and to a high standard. Our range of services includes excavation work as well as removal of excavated material or backfilling.

Key Benefitsof Service

We can also relocate fill that’s been dumped at the entrance to your property, to a more suitable location, or transport excavated earth to where it’s going to be used for landscaping or section reshaping elsewhere. We are happy to take away any unwanted fill at the end of a project, or even during a project, to keep things streamlined and clear the way for construction machinery.