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If you are planning to do any home project like installing a pool or a spa in your back yard, clearing scattered rubbish on your land, digging a hole or trench or just need a small area demolition; you will need a small digger to get the project started.

Of course, diggers are expensive to buy and most commercial companies only have massive diggers that you can hire that are just too big to get into smaller properties. That’s where we come in!

Our digger is the perfect size for all home projects and ready to be hired at an affordable price!

On top of this our team can take away the waste and soil for an additional cost, so that you don’t have to discard of the waste yourself and don’t need to go searching for another company to do it.

How it works

Call our friendly team on 0800 514 514 to discuss your project plans and the purpose of hiring a digger. During this time, you would need to send in a few photos of the area, so our staff can get a better idea of the size and area our team will be working with.

Next, our operator will give you an estimated quote, if you are happy with this estimated quote, one of our staff members will swing by and do an onsite quote.

After this, if you are happy with the onsite quote, our team will book you in.

On the day, our digger operator will arrive onsite with the digger, ready to get started with the project.

Our digger operator will get to work using the digger for your intended purpose. Our operator will work safely and efficiently, making sure everything is done to quality standard.

After the job is done, you are left with a brand-new piece of land.       

To see a previous digger job we completed with our digger read our blog “Digging up buried rubbish with a digger”.

If you would like to hire a digger, which comes with an operator specialist, please call us on 0800 514 514.