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Wet Rubbish Removal – Digger Services

It is almost winter and in this cold season comes a lot of rain. Rain is great as it waters our plants and fills up our water reservoir but not so great when that outside rubbish you were meaning to get rid of gets wet.

If this happened to you and your outside pile of rubbish is now wet, you must act fast and remove it. If you don’t, there are many health risks that develop from the wet rubbish if you leave it sitting around.

Health Risks from wet rubbish:

  1. Mould develops on the rubbish which can cause respiratory infection and heighten asthma problems.
  2. Rats make their homes in rubbish piles. This is a massive health risk as rats carry diseases and leave their feces everywhere.
  3. Rain can get paints or other hazardous waste tins wet. The rain can spread the hazardous waste around your yard if the tins wasn’t fully sealed. The tins can also rust and holes can develop through the cans and the liquid waste can spill out and spread. This can cause your grass to die and make it unsafe for kids to be in the yard.

Other reasons to remove the wet waste today!

Wet rubbish increasingly starts to smell worse as time goes by.

Wet heavy rubbish starts to sink into the ground. This makes it harder to remove as time goes by.  

How can we help you?

We can remove that dirty, wet, mouldy outside rubbish pile. Whether it is sinking into the ground, in one pile or the rubbish is scattered around your lawn from the wind; our digger can remove your wet rubbish for you.

Our digger will lift and load all the rubbish into our truck and dispose of it for you.

We have removed massive dirt piles with wet rubbish inside, as well as removed mountains of wet waste from different home yards in Auckland.

We understand that the waste builds up and it’s hard to find time to clear it. Let our digger come and remove your pile of wet rubbish now!

Get that area back!

Call us on 0800 514 514 or go to our contact page for an estimate quote.