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Concrete Paver Driveway break up- Digger Services

Driveways made of concrete pavers/bricks look great with any house. However, once the concrete starts separating and breaking, most people get their pavers replaced.

If your home driveway pavers need to be replaced, the first step is to uplift and remove the old driveway before the new driveway can be installed.

That’s where we come in.

Our digger can break and uplift the concrete for you. On top of this, our digger comes with an experienced operator who will complete the job for you, leaving you with time to spend doing other things you love.

Our services can also offer the removal of the concrete, as our digger can lift and load all the concrete into our 0800dumpme truck and take away all the concrete for you, leaving the area clear.

Recently, we completed a driveway break up and concrete disposal in West Auckland.

The job involved breaking, removing and disposing of the old brick driveway with our digger, so that the area was ready for a new brick driveway to be laid.

Our team got to work on Monday and had fully uplifted the driveway by Wednesday afternoon.

For all your digger renovation jobs, call or email us today or get an estimate quote here.

Don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly customer service team about what our digger can do for you.


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