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Contaminated Buried Rubbish Removal -Digger Services

Our diggers can remove your buried contaminated rubbish from your property.

If you have old rubbish in your front or back yard and it is buried or contaminated and unsanitary, we can help you out.

Our digger can come, dig out your rubbish, load it in our truck, remove it and level the soil out, leaving your yard spotless and new again.

What is considered contaminated rubbish?

Items like old nappies, wet rotting items, broken glass, burnt items, old rotting food and any other smelly spoiled items.

Why should you get your rubbish removed?


Leaving your rubbish out in a pile encourages rodents to live and nest in your rubbish. Rodents living on your property can spread disease to your family and pets.

Awful smells

Rubbish gives off an awful smell in general; however, if you leave rubbish sitting in one location for a long time it starts to break down from the weather. This results in the horrible smell being released, spread and becoming stronger as time progresses.

Can you remove other rubbish?

Yes, we can remove almost any type of rubbish. We can remove normal rubbish as well, either with our digger or by lifting and loading it into our truck.

Do you dispose of the rubbish?

Yes, we dispose of all the rubbish. It is placed in our truck and taken away to be properly disposed.

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