Digger Services

Driveway Clearance

When you want to clear your driveway, free of hedges, bushes and trees, ask our team!

Our digger can remove all that unwanted greenery from the side of your driveway, giving you more room for your cars and vans to drive down.

Why should you clear your driveway?

Many driveways are lined with bushes, hedges or other greenery that can become overgrown restricting access to larger vehicles.

Likewise, pieces of the greenery can stick out and scrape your car causing damage.

Also, plants such as agapanthus and vines can become over grown at a rapid rate over the driveway, resulting in needing pruning frequently.  

Another reason to get your driveway cleared is so that stones can be laid for more traction for vehicles.

A great example of a driveway clearance is a job we completed last week.  This client’s driveway was lined on both sides with agapanthus and trees. The client was worried that over time the plants would become overgrown and take up too much space on the driveway.

With no time to clear the driveway herself, she called on our team to remove the greenery and level out the drive.

Our digger team completed the job in one day, leaving the driveway clear and providing the client with more space than ever before.


Another example of a different driveway clearance we completed was a job we did in central Auckland. A large hedge lined the fence and needed to be removed as soon as possible. Our team got to work cutting and removing the hedge and using the digger to level out the driveway.

Overall, the client had more space and didn’t have to worry about cutting the hedge very month.

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