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Concrete Shed Removal – Digger Services

This week our team got a call from a client wanting to know if we could remove their concrete shed.

Our experienced operator had demolished and removed concrete sheds previously and was ready to take on the challenge again.

Once the size and location of the shed was discussed with the client, a quote was given and once the quote was accepted, the job was booked in for the next available day.

On the day, our digger headed over to the job and got to work.

Our team removed the rubbish from the shed then examined the area to see if there were any obstructions in the way before starting the demolition. The fence was quite close to the shed but there was enough room for the concrete shed to be broken up by the digger without any damages occurring to anything on the property, including the fence.

Our digger operator got to work breaking down the shed with our digger and moving the large concrete pieces on to our truck to be taken away.

Once the shed was fully broken down and the rubbish tidied up, our digger operator got to work levelling the area.

After a day’s work, the area was transformed and the area cleared.


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