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Digger Fence Line Clearing

Over grown fence lines can be difficult to clear once weeds, vines and trees take over the section.

Some fence lines get so messy and dense that removing the greenery and old fence by hand can take days or weeks even with multiple people helping.

That’s where our digger will save you a lot of time and leave the section clear and tidy for you to install a new fence.

Recently, we cleared this bushy, overgrown fence line section. The client needed the new fence to be built as soon as possible but needed the section cleared first. With our digger, the area was cleared in one and a half days, which meant the fence was installed within the week.

Our operator worked hard clearing the section, removing vines, bushes, trees and levelling out the area.

This fence line was about 10 to 15 meters all together, however if you have longer fence line, don’t worry, our team can clear it for you.

So, sit back and relax as our team removes all the greenery fast and efficiently with our digger.  We even take the waste away too!

Want us to remove the old fence too?

We can remove your old wooden or metal fence at the same time we do the fence line clearing.

Just let our team know you would like this add on service

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