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Digging up Buried Rubbish with a Digger

How a Digger can dig up Buried Rubbish?

Getting a digger is the easiest and most efficient way to get the project started, it saves you A LOT OF TIME, a sore back and removes all that unwanted and unsafe rubbish out and off of your property.

With this, comes many questions and uncertainties that weigh on your mind.


These include questions like: What is under that corner section? What is under that broken/dry section in our back yard? Why can I see mussel shells sticking out of the ground in the middle of my backyard? Are there pipes underground we should be aware of before starting?

Of course, we will work through these questions with you.

There have been a few cases of some properties that have been built on an old landfill and over time broken glass bottle, needles, plastic pieces or even buried couches have surfaced and been discovered in backyards. This is a safety hazard for young children, pets and property owners.

On top of the rubbish concern, accessing the area on your property you want cleared may be difficult and may require dismantling fences, gates or removing a clothesline. But don’t worry, we can also restore these things after the job is completed.

Sometimes you have to obtain council approval before you begin a big project or before we start digging. This is not optional and must be done before any work can commence. If this isn’t completed, watermains, pipes, internet cables and underground power lines can be hit and damaged. This can result in you paying money to fix any damages, which we want to avoid.

We have all the connections to finding these things out about the pipes, etc. underground if you need some guidance before you start.

Types of Buried Rubbish?  

Depending on the area your property is located – in West, North, Central and South Auckland, different rubbish can pop up. Our team has come across old hangi equipment with Mussel shells and Oyster Shells, old glass, plastic rubbish, paint tins, metals, furniture (you would be surprised that anyone can bury a three seater couch but they do), needles, kids toys/bikes, and builder’s waste such as timber, concrete, asbestos (which needs to be disposed of correctly).

What Services do we Provide?  

We provide a fast and efficient service, providing a quote either via Quote form our website or a Face to Face quote.

We provide the digger, truck and of course a guy to run it. On top of this, we also start when it’s convenient to you and when it suits your calendar. After a date has been set, our builder will start the process of removing obstructions like fences, gates, etc. Then we will dig up and remove buried rubbish, then even out the grounds by levelling out the soil for a smooth and flat surface. If you require Grass seed or top soil, we can do that! Then your fence will be restored after. In addition, we dispose the rubbish to the suitable dumping stations across Auckland wide.

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