Digger Services

Bobcats versus Diggers


Bobcats have the ability to pull, push and lift materials, but are also great for small or tight spaces that require levelling, lifting pavement or slabs of concrete, loading/shifting heavy or large quantities of rubble/soil. They’re great for demolition due to their weight/power and the operator is protected by a mesh covered cab.

The large digging bucket faces away from the operator and is attached to the machine by two arms. Great for removing larger quantities of soil or excavations and weights like:

  • Digging Pools
  • Backfilling
  • Site clearing
  • Rubbish removal


Diggers usually have various size buckets that face the operator, which are attached to the cab boom and move with the cab, giving great visibility to the operator. They also have various sized blades that face away from the operator, which are used for clearing or leveling.

They are also great for small or tight spaces, but have more reach and maneuverability than a bobcat. They can maneuver over things or work on slopes and rotate a full 360 degrees to dig, clear or uplift, to the desired destinations and ideal for:

  • Digging Trenches
  • Dredging wet areas
  • Clearing or leveling areas
  • Sorting materials

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