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Clamshell Excavator – Rubbish and Greenery Removal

Recently, we got called to a job involving a section of land that needed to be cleared of agapanthus, ginger, weeds and just general greenery. The section wasn’t too big but there was too much greenery for anyone to do it manually. 

So, naturally the client came to us to get a digger in to clear the section.

A clamshell excavator attachment was used to remove all the greenery and waste, leaving the section neat and tidy.

What is a clamshell digger?

Clamshell excavators are shaped liked a clamshell and are great for rubbish removal and greenery removal. This is because the clamshell attachment closes in on the item and holds it firmly while the digger arm pulls the item up and into the truck.

Why use a clamshell Excavator?

Using a clamshell Excavator saves time as it speeds up the process of a massive job. This is due to the fact the clamshell can hold and remove massive amounts that a normal digger bucket can’t.

What can you remove with a clamshell excavator?

Green Waste

General rubbish

Builders Waste

Construction Waste

Household Waste

Timber and Metal Fences


And more!!!

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