Digger Services

Rise in Digger Service Requirements in Auckland

With the pressure on housing, more property owners sub dividing back sections, there’s more new driveways being developed. The government has announced new multiple housing areas in several areas of Auckland, so digger work requests will continue to rise.

It’s become apparent the aging water pipes no longer can manage the capacity of increased population, new sub divisions, overgrown sections and waterways. The change of season has also brought autumn leaf litter, which also clogs drainage systems. Hence there has been an increase in the laying of new pipes and drains.

Digger services are being kept busy not only with housing and building construction across Auckland, but also clearing debris from roads, lanes and sections due to a number of storms that have hit the area recently. Fallen trees may need to be cut up and disposed of, or perhaps you just need their tree stumps removed. Either way, feel free to call us, so we can assess and provide a quote.

Maybe you are needing a bit of demolition work done, perhaps it’s time for that aging garage or shed to go. Perhaps you need to clear the way for a nice new one or a new granny flat for a relative or for some rental income.

If so, give us a call at Digger Services Auckland on Phone: 0800 514 514